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Who is Genesiz

Mz Genesiz is currently an independent hip hop artist and songwriter born in North Philadelphia. Now a Licensed Real Estate Broker/ Owner of premier real estate firms across the globe, Genesiz always had big dreams and wanted to get out of the hood. As a single mother, she had to find a way to raise her daughter on her own. Though her true love was music, real estate gave her a way to elevate and become financially independent to pursue her dreams. She hopes her story will empower her listeners to rise above adversity and believe in themselves no matter what.

Providing a much needed departure from the hyper-sexualized world of female rap, MZ Genesiz is a female rapper aiming to set the bar high with her meaningful music and self help books. Being a savvy relentless businesswoman, she wants to empower young women to do the same. To chase their dreams no matter what they are facing, while also embracing their authenticity . Mz Genesiz has now released a new album ‘CheckMate’ featuring singles 'Super Press' & 'Checkmate'.  Featuring her signature sound, both songs offer a quintessential hip-hop vibe with poignant lyrics.

A spokesperson for Mz Genesiz made an official press statement “Mz Genesiz really is the new age Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill. Her message is really important because she teaches young girls that they can be successful without exploiting their sexuality. A female rap artist of her caliber and her message is what we desperately need in today’s world.” 

MZ Genesiz



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Checkmate (Album)

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Released : 26/06/2020
Label : Megabuck Entertainment Group
Format : Digital Download

  1. Checkmate Mz Genesiz 2:40
  2. da Queen Mz Genesiz 2:51
  3. Want It All Mz Genesiz 3:07
  4. Super Press Mz Genesiz 2:12
  5. Big Dreams Mz Genesiz 2:41
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