New Album: Mz Genesiz | Checkmate

Female rapper, author, and businesswoman Mz Genesiz returns this time with her LP Checkmate, home to an empowering collection of songs that remind us of artists like Laurin Hill and Queen Latifah, not only sonically, but lyrically also, thanks to Mz Genesiz’ approach and efficient to inspire the millions of young girls looking for the right role model. Her philosophy is clear and simple; work hard, play hard, and spread the word. By pointing out the dangers of the hyper-sexualized we live in, she shows care for the youth, and even though she has obviously chosen the more difficult path of honesty, kindness, and faith, she knows that that’s where the true rewards come in, as she strongly advises everyone else, especially girls and women, to believe in their brain capacity and creative spirits to imagine and reach their goals.